A one-hit wonder - C417 is unmarked at its western end, the junction with Midland Highway, Perth. Source: Peter Renshaw, may 2007.

Throughout his Tasmanian roadgeeking travels, Peter Renshaw discovered an interesting phenomenon - the one-hit wonder.

Many of Tasmania’s C-routes have only one or two junctions with another numbered route. Peter started noticing that on some of these routes there were route markers only at one end - i.e. Council had incorrectly removed/not replaced signage at other end - or that the route was a dead-end with signage only at one end.

Part of the fascination with these one-hit wonders is not only the increasing number of them that exist, but also that, in Peter’s words, “it only takes the removal of a single sign and the road becomes un-numbered.”

To clarify, a one-hit wonder is a route that is only shown on signs at one junction along its route.

The following is a list of the known one-hit and no-hit wonders. It will be continually updated as more are discovered.

List of Tasmanian One-hit and No-hit Wonders
More will be added as they are discovered!


Former Tasmanian One-hit Wonders
Routes that are no longer one-hit wonders!


Date that one-hit wonder status was rescinded

Responsible Authority
March 2008
Launceston City Council
July 2010 Meander Valley Council

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