Route numbering old-school style!

Old, also incorrect, NH1 shield on the Princes Highway at Meningie, January 2004.

Prior to 1998, the only route numbering to be found in South Australia was NAASRA's National Route system, including those federally funded ones which became National Highways in 1974. The first National Route was NR8, signposted between Tailem Bend and the Victorian Border near Bordertown in 1954, closely followed the next year by the Sturt Highway, NR20, and the Princes Hwy, NR1. The master plan of National Routes was largely fulfilled with one exception, NR83, which was planned to traverse the length of the Birdsville Track into far western Queensland. This route would have been signposted upon sealing of the route.

In the 1980's, South Australia decided to extend two Victorian State Routes, which terminated at the border between the states, to the next major road to aid navigation. These routes were rather haphazardly signposted and one was terminated at an un-numbered road! There was also a group of poorly signposted Tourist Routes across the state but they never provided much use to the motoring public.

Metro Adelaide never had a route numbering system, the only two routes to enter the city limits were National Routes 1 and 20, both major interstate routes. In 1998, the South Australian government launched the new alpha-numeric route numbering system, replacing the National Routes forever! To this day, there are still many remnants of the old National Routes to be found. More information on the new system can be found HERE.

National Highways

1 - Princes Highway (including South Eastern Freeway)
1 - Port Wakefield Rd & Port Wakefield/Port Augusta Rd
1 - Eyre Highway
8 - Dukes Highway
20 - Sturt Highway & Main North Road
87 - Stuart Highway

National Routes

1 - Princes Highway
Alternative 1 - Southern Ports Highway
Alternative 1 - Old Princes Highway, Murray Bridge
Alternative 1 - Flinders and Lincoln Highways
8 - Dukes Highway (pre-1974)
12 - Mallee Highway
20 - Stuart Highway (pre-1992)
Alternative 20 - Old Sturt Highway, Berri
32 - Barrier Highway (incl. part of Main North Rd)
47 - Stirling North to Hawker
56 - Winninowie to Ucolta via Orroroo
64 - Crystal Brook to Monash via Burra
83 - Giles Corner to Lyndhurst via Spalding and Hawker

State Routes (extension of Victorian Routes)

112 - Glenelg Highway (no remnants so this link will direct to the B160 page)
130 - Wimmera Highway

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