Entering South Australia on the Dukes Highway (NH-A8) near Serviceton, January 2005.

Discover South Australia:

Explore South Australia's major highways:

Anzac Highway
Barrier Highway
Dukes Highway
Eyre Highway
Flinders Highway
Glenelg Highway
Lincoln Highway

Mallee Highway
Princes Highway
Riddoch Highway
Salisbury Highway
Southern Ports Highway
Stuart Highway
Sturt Highway
Wimmera Highway

South Australian Route Numbering - The olden days!
Discover the old system of National Routes and Highways, with the odd extension of a Victorian State Route thrown into the mix!

South Australian Route Numbering - The future!
Discover the new SA route numbering scheme that was unleashed in 1998/99. Included here is the history of all the highways and major roads that make up the alpha-numeric scheme.

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