Waterfall to Dapto (Decommissioned)

Lifespan: 1975-1989 (14 years)

Length: 52km (Ultimate)

Northern Terminus: Princes Hwy & Southern Freeway, Waterfall

Southern Terminus: Princes Hwy & Fowlers Rd, Dapto (Ultimate)

Route taken: Princes Hwy

RTA Internal Classification: State Highway No. 1

Replaced by: State Route 60

Alternative National Route was introduced to Wollongong in July 1975 as part of a major route numbering change. Prior to 1975, NR1 had followed the Princes Hwy from Waterfall to North Wollongong - where it joined sections of the F6 Southern Freeway as they opened. The opening of the Waterfall-Bulli Tops Tollwork (Southern Freeway) in 1975 meant that NR1 was re-routed onto the freeway and Mt Ousley Rd, bypassing Wollongong. The former alignment of NR1, Princes Hwy, was given the Alt-1 shield. This designation initially went as far south as Northcliffe Drive and was extended to Kanahooka Rd (1978) and finally Fowlers Rd in 1981.

By the time the Freeway opened to the Princes Hwy at Yallah in 1987 Alt-1 had been officially decommissioned and all signs read State Route 60. The decommissioning of this route was not a quick thing, with signage being progressively replaced with SR60 shields gradually while new signs displayed SR60. Nowadays there are no remnants of Alt-1. The table below shows what evidence i could find of Alt-1 from various resources.

Photos of Alt-1 (Wollongong)
1982 DMR map showing Alt-1 through Wollongong.
1987 UBD map showing Alt-1 at Dapto.
Same UBD map shoing Alt-1 at Bulli Tops.
Alt-1 signage at the Waterfall Interchange of the F6. July 1975.
Two more Alt-1 signs at the Waterfall Interchange. July 1975.
Alt-1 signage for the Princes Hwy on the F6 at Figtree. Scanned from the cover of an old CMA Wollongong Street Directory, 1983.

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