Map courtesy of Lachlan Sims. Thanks to Tom Williams for making a few alterations.

New South Wales currently has 30 highways, 27 are proclaimed 'Highways' (formerly 'State Highways') under the Roads Act 1993 and the other three are proclaimed 'Main Roads', however carry the 'highway' moniker. These highways form the principal transport routes across the state and are supported by a collection of routes known as 'Ways' (eg. Kidman Way/Summerland Way). The 'Ways' are predominately for tourist use, while the highways provide the freight links between major centres and regions. Click on the links below to find out about all the different highways:

NSW Highways
Hume Highway
Central Coast Highway
Kings Highway (Main Road No. 51)
Olympic Highway (Main Road No. 78)
Murray Valley Hwy (Main Road No. 583)
Decommissioned Highways

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