Australian Capital Territory - Major Construction Projects

The purpose of this page is to illustrate construction progress on a variety of major projects which are underway in the Australian Capital Territory. It will be updated periodically as new photos are submitted. If you'd like to submit some photos for this section please email me.


Kings Highway, Sparrow Hill, southern deviation

Project Information:

Opening of the HQJOC defence facility east of Queanbeyan in 2009 has resulted in considerable increases in commuter traffic between facility and the Canberra/Queanbeyan urban area. A section of the Kings Highway at Sparrow Hill was identified as being below the appropriate standard for the higher traffic volumes and accordingly an upgrade project was commenced in February 2011.

The upgrade involves the construction of a 5km deviation across Sparrow Hill, south of the existing highway alignment. The deviation will be mostly a two-lane single carriageway on wider and much improved alignment, however climbing lanes will be provided in both directions for the ascent at Sparrow Hill.

Construction is programmed for completion in mid 2012.

Photos - November 2011

Project sign eastbound on Kings Highway approaching the western end of the deviation.
Source: Peter Renshaw.
Looking east across the western end of the deviation.
Source: Peter Renshaw.
An easterly view along the line of the deviation where it rejoins the existing alignment, just west of the HQJOC roundabout.
Source: Peter Renshaw.
Looking west at the eastern end of the deviation.
Source: Peter Renshaw.

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