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Ozroads is purely a hobby site, created and maintained by myself (yes, that is me in the picture!). Its goal is to preserve the history of Australia’s roads, through photographs, text and maps.

I do a lot of photographing of roads, signs and other things, as well as doing a fair bit of research, time and resource permitting. However, there have been many many contributors to this site and their work is very very much appreciated! A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to making Ozroads to what it is today - there are too many to name but you all know who you are :-)

Most of the content is © Ozroads Webmaster, with some content © the respective contributor. Contributors are credited where there work is used, however in some instances contributors have requested not to be credited or to remain anonymous.

If you wish to use any photographs, maps or text from this site, please ask the Webmaster for permission first. Depending on the copyright situation, I will most likely say yes, just ask first!

If I give the permission, please acknowledge my site (or if it’s not me, the respectful creator/owner) as the source.

If you would like to contribute to this site, please see the ‘Contributions’ section below.

Contact the Ozroads Webmaster:


As one contributor to the site said to me ‘You can’t be everywhere at once because you would need to clone yourself, your camera, and your car!” and that’s how I feel sometimes. I’d love to be able to get to every old sign, to record every piece of old highway or have a photo of every road sign, but I can’t do it. That’s where you come in!

Have I missed something in one of my history pages? Have I made an error? Have you got a recollection of a road I could add to one of my pages? Have you got photographs that you would like to see on the site?

If the answer is yes, then feel free to contribute! All your contributions will be credited to you, or you can remain anonymous if you want.

I am particularly focused on preserving the history of Australian roads, so old photos or photos of old sections of road, old signs or just about anything else road related is most welcome.

Please note though, that because this is just a hobby site, things like work, uni studies and other commitments do get in the way sometimes. Thus I can’t guarantee that I will add contributions immediately, but they will get up there eventually!

Guidelines for photo contributions

Generally, I like to have photos of the same standard that I take - see the site for examples. I have no qualms getting large emails full of photos - just limit each email to a maximum of 10MB if you want it to go through. When sending me the photos, the large resolution the better. That way I can crop/resize the image to get the best quality to put on the site.

When submitting a photo, please indicate when it was taken (month and year is fine) and who took the photo. If these details aren’t given, I will assume that the photo was taken in the same month that you sent the email and it was taken by you. Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous with your contributions.


I couldn’t list the names of everyone who has contributed to this site being what it is today. However, Viseth Uch has done extensive work on Ozroads (the interactive maps) often at the expense of his own site (Main Roads Victoria) so he deserves a special mention.

A big thank you to everyone else who has contributed - you all know who you are :-)

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