A sample of route marking in Western Australia - State Route 8 at its junction with National Route 1 and National Highway 94 in Burswood. Source: Vi Ong, Feb 2006.

Western Australia operates with the traditional Australia system of shielded routes with three different tiers, viz: National Routes (including National Highways), State Routes, and Tourist Drives.

The National Route system has existed in Western Australia since 1966, albeit isolated from the rest of Australia until the sealing of the Eyre Highway in 1976.

State Routes and Tourist Drives were both introduced in April 1986 as part of a comprehensive re-jigging of the route marking system in Western Australia. Prior to 1986, metropolitan Perth had been expanding rapidly and many major new roads were being constructed, creating a need for an improved system of guidance.

Whilst most other states are bracing for a change to alpha-numeric route marking, if not implementing it already, MRWA has stated (correspondence with Josh Geoghegan in 2004) that they have no intention of switching to alpha-numeric route marking in the near future.

For a full overview of the National, State and Tourist route marking systems, follow the links below. Under each section will also be links to each individual route.

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