QUEENSLAND: Route Numbering

Route Numbering is designed to help motorists navigate their way round, using route shields as guidance. Queensland's current route marking system is confusing, to say the least. It is currently a mish-mash of the old shielded route marking system, i.e. Metroads, National Routes and State Routes, together with a bunch of alpha-numeric routes. Click on the buttons below to discover more about each of the types of route marker.

Routes that have been decommissioned entirely, i.e. no longer exist at all, are covered in the 'Decommissioned Routes' section. Routes that have had part(s) decommissioned over the years are still covered under their respective route marking page.

Example 1: I am looking for the former National Route 1 through Brisbane. Because National Route 1 still partly exists, I go to National Routes and Highways, thence to National Route 1 and look for the relevant former alignment.

Example 2: I am looking for the former National Route 66. It has been entirely replaced by A4, so I look for it under 'Decommissioned Routes'.

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