and Developmental Roads

This section covers Queensland's Highways and Developmental Roads. I have included Developmental Roads as they are really a precursor to the Highway classification - it has been a clear intention of the Queensland Department of Main Roads (QMR) that once Developmental Roads are constructed to highway standard that they are upgraded to Highway status. What you see as the current Developmental Road system is really the future Highways of Queensland.

Queensland Highways
(equivalent to formerly declared State Highways under the Road Plan of Queensland)
Developmental Roads
(equivalent to formerly declared Developmental Roads under the Road Plan of Queensland)
  • Bruce Highway
  • Gold Coast Highway
  • Pacific Highway
  • Landsborough Highway
  • Flinders Highway
  • Barkly Highway
  • Capricorn Highway
  • Cunningham Highway
  • Warrego Highway
  • Isis Highway
  • Captain Cook Highway
  • Palmerston Highway
  • New England Highway
  • Mitchell Highway
  • Carnarvon Highway
  • Mount Lindesay Highway
  • Leichhardt Highway
  • Gregory Highway
  • Barwon Highway
  • Kennedy Highway
  • Peak Downs Highway
  • Moonie Highway
  • Balonne Highway
  • Castlereagh Highway
  • D'Aguilar Highway
  • Burnett Highway
  • Brisbane Valley Highway
  • Wide Bay Highway
  • Bunya Highway
  • Dawson Highway
  • Mulligan Highway (to be gazetted in near future)
  • Wills Developmental Road
  • Coopers Creek Developmental Road
  • Birdsville Developmental Road
  • Eyre Developmental Road
  • Suttor Developmental Road
  • Herveys Range Developmental Road
  • Karumba Developmental Road
  • Fitzroy Developmental Road
  • Surat Developmental Road
  • Dawson Developmental Road
  • Bowen Developmental Road
  • Burke Developmental Road
  • Peninsula Developmental Road (to be decommissioned in near future)
  • Cooktown Developmental Road
  • Gulf Developmental Road
  • Diamantina Developmental Road
  • Bulloo Developmental Road
  • Thomson Developmental Road
  • Carnarvon Developmental Road (decommissioned)
  • Lecihhardt Development Road (decommissioned)
  • Gregory Developmental Road
  • Kennedy Developmental Road

Prior to the introduction of the Road Plan of Queensland, the highway system of Queensland was vastly different, including greatly different names, numbers and alignments.

Information on the Queensland highway system prior to the introduction of the Road Plan of Queensland (1st July 1963) is available HERE.

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