Northern Territory: proposed alpha-numeric routes

One of the earliest signs showing an alpha-numeric route marker in the NT - Stuart Highway/Cox Peninsula Road junction. Source: Peter Renshaw, November 2009.

In 1997, the Northern Territory Minister for Transport, along with other relevant state and territory ministers, agreed the principles for the conversion to an alpha-numeric route marking system. At the time, the Department of Works stated that whilst it supported the proposals, there were no immediate plans to implement the system. Progressive implementation, through normal sign refurbishment programs, was flagged as the most likely method of implementation.

By 2004 the first few alpha-numeric signs had appeared on the Stuart Highway in Berrimah and at the junction with Coxs Peninsula Road, south of Noonamah. In recent years, further alpha-numeric signs have appeared along the Arnhem and Kakadu Highways, and at the new junction of Stuart Highway and Tiger Brennan Drive, Palmerston. As at July 2011, no single route has been fully converted.

According to the Department of Lands & Planning, the alpha-numeric routes will be implemented progressively as signs are replaced under normal sign refurbishment programs. It is not known when the conversion is likely to be complete - none of the existing National or State routes in the Territory are comprehensively signed yet, despite having being existence for over two decades.

The table below outlines the proposed route number changes, as at June 2012. It should be noted that these are preliminary only and may be subject to change before the system is fully implemented. In the main, the changes represent simply adding a prefix to the existing number, however some route numbers have been altered. In addition, a new route has been added to the system along the recently completed Tiger Brennan Drive.

Extent of signposting as at June 2012:

Generally restricted to isolated signs in the Darwin suburban area. Signage at the new interchange with Tiger Brennan Drive is fully alpha-numeric. Some signs also appear at the Cox Peninsula Road (B34) junction.
New signage on the recent extension from Berrimah Road to Stuart Highway only.
New signage through Kakadu National Park shows B21.
Several signs at the Stuart Highway junction have been coverplated with B34 route markers.
Several new signs along the route show B36.
All other routes
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Preliminary list of proposed Northern Territory alpha-numeric routes

A Routes

Stuart Highway (Darwin to Carpentaria Highway junction), Victoria Highway
replaces National Highway Route 1
Lasseter Highway
replaces State Route 4
Tiger Brennan Drive
not previously numbered
Stuart Highway (Carpentara Highway junction to South Australian Border)
replaces National Highway Route 87

B routes

Carpentaria Highway
replaces National Route 1

Larapinta Drive & Luritja Road
replaces State Routes 3 & 6

Namatjira Drive
replaces State Route 2

Ross Highway
replaces State Route 8
Tablelands Highway
replaces State Route 11
Roper Highway
replaces State Route 20
Kakadu Highway
replaces State Route 21
Dorat Road
replaces State Route 23

Daly River Road
replaces State Route 28

Cox Peninsula Road
replaces State Route 34
Arnhem Highway
replaces State Route 36

Barkly Highway
replaces National Highway Route 66

Buntine Highway
replaces National Route 96

C routes

Wollogorang Road (Borroloola to Queensland Border)
replaces National Route 1
Mulga Park Road
not previously numbered
Docker River Road
replaces State Route 4
Tanami Road
replaces State Route 5
Lajamanu Road
replaces State Route 9
Plenty Highway
replaces State Route 12
Sandover Highway
replaces State Route 14
Barkly Stock Route & Calvert Road
replaces State Route 16
Central Arnhem Road
replaces State Route 24
Buchanan Highway
replaces National Route 80

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