NT Border sign on Stuart Highway. Source: Peter Vlaciky, Dec 2002.
Special Features
Northern Territory's
Road History

Welcome to Northern Territory, the Outback State or the Top End. Under the Control of Roads Act and the Local Government Act, the Northern Territory Government, through the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, is responsible for 21,700km of roads in the Northern Territory.
(Source: Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment, 2002, Roads and the Environment).

The Northern territory has had its own unique problems with road construction, typically concerning the sparsely populated nature of most of the Territory, heavy rainfall in the summer months, the isolation of most of the state and the massive inland rivers that lay dormant for nine months of the year before turning into several-kilometre-wide raging torrents.

Follow the links above to learn about Northern Territory's highways and every other numbered route in the Territory. The Special Features section will also cover features that don't quite fit in with the other categories and the History section will cover a history of road planning, design and construction in Northern Territory.

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