Southern Terminus: Federal Hwy & Northbourne Ave, Lyneham

Northbourne Ave northbound AD sign. Notice how ACT National Highway shields are a fluro green & dont contain the word 'National' liek other states. Better pic coming next time I visit Canberra. Photo taken July 2004.
Northbourne Ave 2nd northboudn AD sign. Note the brown colouring and the use of tourist destinations as focla points. To some extent these types of signs are very handy in the ACT but can get rather hard to read while driving. Photo taken July 2004.
Southbound Federal Hwy AD sign. Note the NR23 shield straight ahead, this being where highway 23 loses its National Highway status. Photo taken July 2004.
Southbound Federal Hwy brown AD sign. Photo taken July 2004.
Southbound Barton Hwy AD sign, signalling the end of NH25 and Barton Hwy. This is the only AD sign on this approach and is quite clearly lacking in proper focal points. It is possible that a green AD sign existed, but was accidentally removed during the widening and never replaced. Photo taken July 2004.
Truck Bypass direction sign on Barton Hwy. Canberra has these signs to direct trukcs around the city centre via Alt-23 Majura Rd. Photo taken July 2004.
ID sign facing Barton Hwy traffic. Photo taken July 2004.
Northbound RD sign marking the start of NH25-Barton Hwy. Note the use of 'Melbourne' as a focal point, since NH25 is the National Highway link between Melbourne and Canberra via the Hume Hwy. Photo taken July 2004.
2nd Barton Hwy RD sign, this time showing the tourist destinations. Photo taken July 2004.

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