Isabella Drive westbound alongside Isabella Pond, October 2004.

Length: 6km

Western Terminus: Drakeford Drive & Athllon Dr, Tuggeranong

Eastern Terminus: Monaro Highway, Gilmore

Focal Points: Monaro Hwy, Tuggeranong

Route Overview:

Isabella Drive is a short east-west route from the Monaro Hwy to the Tuggeranong Town Centre in southern Canberra. It was constructed in the late 1980's (completed by 1989). It is mostly single carriageway, with a short dual carriageway section at its eastern end. It currently carries no route number.

Photos of Isabella Drive
Isabella Dr approaching Drakeford Drive from the east. Photo taken October 2004.
Western start of Isabella Dr at Drakeford Drive. Photo taken October 2004.
Isabella Drive at Clive Steele Ave and Drumston St. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking west at Clive Steele Dr. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking east towards Ashley Dr. Photo taken October 2004.
Isabella Drive looking west towards the roundabout at Goldstein Crescent & Kellett Street, Gowrie.
Source: Andrew Ison, January 2009.
Looking west from the Monaro Highway. Photo taken October 2004.
Eastbound approaching Monaro Hwy. Photo taken October 2004.

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