Western Australia - Major Construction Projects

The purpose of this page is to illustrate construction progress on a variety of major projects which are underway in Western Australia. It will be updated periodically as new photos are submitted. If you'd like to submit some photos for this section please email me.


Great Eastern Highway widening, Kooyong Road to Tonkin Highway

Project Information: http://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/BUILDINGROADS/PROJECTS/URBANPROJECTS/Pages/GEH.aspx

This section of Great Eastern Highway is an important link between the Graham Farmer Freeway, Perth CBD and the Airport, and is lined with extensive commercial development. The existing four-lane, mostly undivided, highway is being widened to a 6-lane divided carriageway with upgraded turning facilities. This work will reduce congestion and ease conflicts between local and through traffic.

Construction was commenced in June 2011 and completion is programmed for the end of 2013.

Photos - November 2011

Looking east between Kooyong Road and Belmont Avenue at Rivervale. It's a bit hard to see in the photo but the land behind the barriers has been cleared and formation is underway.
Looking east towards Abernethy Road at Belmont, showing formation work underway on the northern side.
Looking east at Grandstand Road, Ascot.
Looking east between Hardey Road and Epsom Avenue, Ascot.
Looking east at Epsom Avenue - as you can see, no work has been done on this section yet.

Great Eastern Highway/Roe Highway interchange

Project Information: http://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/BuildingRoads/Projects/UrbanProjects/GEHRoe/Pages/GEHRoe.aspx

The existing four-way, at-grade signalised intersection is being converted into a diamond interchange with the construction of twin overbridges to carry north-south traffic on Roe Highway across the Great Eastern Highway. A free-flow loop ramp has been provided for the heavy north-to-east traffic flows moving between Roe Highway and Great Eastern Highway. As part of the project, additional bridges are being constructed to carry the widened Roe Highway across the railway lines and Clayton Street at Bellevue.

Construction commenced in late 2010 and is scheduled for completion in May 2012.

Photos - November 2011

Northerly view of the overpass from the northbound carriageway of Roe Highway.
Roe Highway looking south showing the southbound off-ramp, currently carrying all southbound traffic.
Brand new AD sign on the southbound off-ramp/temporary southbound carriageway. Note the omission of 'Northam' as a focal point on these signs, compared to the existing signage.
A southerly view along the southbound off-ramp. Once the overpass is opened, the two through lanes will become right turn lanes.

New ID signs facing southbound traffic.
A westerly view on Great Eastern Highway showing the overpass and new ID signage. Note how National Route 1 is shown on this sign - this is in keeping with the new signage at the Roe Highway/Great Northern Highway intersection showing NR1 along Roe Highway. I wonder when Main Roads will finally move the route properly.
A westerly view under the overpass, complete with dodgy AD sign that is, thankfully, temporary.
Looking north along the former southbound lanes of Roe Highway. This area will be obliterated by construction of the loop ramp.
A southerly view of the current northbound lanes of Roe Highway. The closed lanes were the original southbound lanes - note the traffic signal poles which are yet to be removed.

Photos - March 2012

Looking south from the railway overpass towards the Clayton Street overpass. Southbound traffic is now using the new bridge over Clayton Street but not yet using the new railway bridge.
Looking north from the railway overpass towards the exit to Great Eastern Highway. Northbound traffic now switches onto the future southbound lanes of the new bridge, eliminating the at-grade crossing.
Looking north across Great Eastern Highway on the future northbound lanes. The exit to the left is for traffic bound for Great Eastern Highway eastbound.
A northerly view over the old road (bottom left) and the loop ramp under construction which will take traffic from Roe northbound onto Great Eastern eastbound.
Looking north across Great Eastern Highway. Northbound traffic is presently using the future southbound lanes.
An easterly view from the overpass showing the widening works on Great Eastern Highway between Roe Highway and Farrall Road.
The new southbound on-ramp and pedestrian/cyclist underpass.
A close-up of the wobbly cheese sticks (??) and the future southbound lanes across the bridge.
Looking north from the overpass towards Morrison Road.
Looking south showing the future southbound off-ramp, future southbound lanes, future northbound lanes and future northbound on-ramp.
Great Eastern Highway looking west towards the new overpass.

Kwinana Freeway widening, Leach Highway to Roe Highway

Project Information: http://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/BuildingRoads/Projects/UrbanProjects/Pages/Kwinana.aspx

The existing four lane freeway is being widened to provide an extra lane in each direction between Leach Highway and Roe Highway. It also appears that additional weaving lanes wll be provided where entry and exit ramps are closely spaced. In November 2011 it was agreed that additional works, including relocation of the northbound off-ramp to South Street, would be undertaken as part of the works. The new off-ramp will be a clover-leaf style ramp located on the northern side of South Street. The area vacated by the existing off-ramp will allow better integration between Murdoch Train Station and the new Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Photos - March 2012

Looking south from the Leach Highway on-ramp towards Parry Avenue. The width of the new pavement suggests that perhaps 4 southbound lanes will be provided along this section.
Looking south to the South Street exit. Can't be too long before this section is open to traffic.
Looking south towards the South Street overpass - no new pavement yet on this section.
More almost-ready pavement southbound between South Street and Farrington Road. This section also appears to be wide enough for 4 southbound lanes.
Dodgy ID sign for the Roe Highway exit which was installed in late 2011 (replacing a sign of almost identical design).
Looking south at Roe Highway towards the end of the project - the 3 lanes will merge into 2 underneath the overpass or thereabouts.
Two northerly views from the overpass at Farrington Road.
A southerly view from the Farrington Road overpass, showing the Roe Highway exit.

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