A11 - Lower North East Road

Typical AD sign (with no focal points) on Darley Road approaching Lower North East Road at Campbelltown. Jan 2005.

Length: 20km

Eastern Terminus: B10/A11 junction, Houghton

Western Terminus: North Tce & Hackney Rd, Adelaide

Route taken: North Tce, Payneham Rd, Lower North East Rd

Focal Points: Adelaide, Payneham, Campbelltown, Houghton

The A11 was the original road from Adelaide into the Torrens Valley and was notoriously awful (the Gorge Road was constructed to bypass Anstey's Hill on LOwer North East Rd). Previously unnumbered, it gained the A11 designation in 1998. Lower North East Road was expanded to dual carriageways as far east as Torrens Road in Highbury during the early 1980s - completed in 1983.

North Terrace heading west towards A11's terminus at Hackney Road (A21) in Adelaide. Jan 2005.
Fullarton Road northbound approaching the A11 (North Terrace/Payneham Rd) in Norwood. Jan 2005.
Payenham Road westbound approaching the NH-A17 (Portrush Road/Lower Portrush Road). Jan 2005.
Typical urban Adelaide signage (pre-1998) at the intersection of Lower North East Rd, Montacute Rd, Payneham Rd and Glynburn Rd, Hectorville. Jan 2005.
Lower North East Road at the B31 junction (Gorge Road) in Campbelltown. Jan 2005.
The beginning of the A11 at the B10 in Houghton. Jan 2005.

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