State Route 80
Kiama - Robertson - Bowral

Heading west from Jamberoo along Jamberoo Mountain Road. Dec 2004.

In 2013, RMS will be implementing a new alpha-numeric route numbering system. For more information, visit the RMS Website.

RMS have advised that this route will be decommissioned and not replaced by an alpha-numeric route number.

Length: 59km

Eastern Terminus: Terralong St & Collins St, Kiama

Western Terminus: Kangaloon Rd & Bowral-Moss Vale Rd & Funston St & Bong Bong St, Bowral

Route taken: Terralong St, Jamberoo Rd, Jamberoo Mountain Rd, Illawarra Hwy, Sheepwash Rd, Kangaloon Rd

Focal Points: Kiama, Jamberoo, Robertson, Bowral

RTA Internal Classification: Main Road No. 264 (Kiama-Illawarra Hwy), State Highway No. 25 (Illawarra Hwy), Main Road No. 261 (Illawarra Hwy to Bowral)

Route Overview:

State Route 80 is an east-west route connecting Kiama with Bowral, but is unsuitable for heavy traffic or caravans due to the steep and narrow Jamberoo Mountain Road. Traffic volumes are highest at its western end, as the Sheepwash Road section of SR80 is an important connector between Bowral and Fitzroy Falls (and on to Nowra via SR79).

The route was introduced in 1974 and originally went from Kiama, via Jamberoo Rd, Jamberoo Mtn Rd, Illawarra Hwy, Caalong St, Kangaloon Rd, Bong Bong Street, Wingecaribee Street, Kirkham Road and Centennial Rd to the Hume Highway between Welby and Berrima. The route was later truncated at Bowral in March 1989 upon opening of the Berrima Bypass. Later, in May 1996, SR80 was realigned between Kangaloon and Robertson via Sheepwash Rd and the Illawarra Highway, following the decommissioning of Main Road No. 265, which it had previously used. One SR80 shield still remains on a distance sign near the Kangaloon Rd/Sheepwash Rd intersection to mark the old route through Kangaloon. A SR80 shield on a black fingerboard signs at the junction with Old Highway also marks the old route west of Bowral.

The current eastern terminus of State Route 80 is the subject of some debate. The Department of Main Roads' 1982 Schedule of Descriptions of State Routes placed the eastern terminus of State Route 80 at '...the intersection of State Highway No. 1 [Princes Highway] and Main Road No. 264 [Kiama - Robertson]..." which would, at the time, have been the intersection of Collins & Terralong Streets in Kiama. However, following the opening of the Kiama Bypass in 1987, the route of Princes Highway was altered to no longer pass through that intersection. It is then unclear whether State Route 80 was moved (to keep the same description it would terminate at the intersection of Jamberoo Rd & Spring Creek Dr) or whether the route was kept on the same alignment, terminating at the same intersection but not meeting any other route number. Signage at the intersection of Collins & Terralong Streets confuses the matter by indicating that State Route 80 heads west along Terralong Street - despite there being no mention of State Route 80 beyond the intersection. You can make up your own mind but I have erred on the safe side and stuck with the original terminus location.

Notable events:

1974 - Route introduced
Dec 1987 - Kiama Bypass opens, State Route 80's eastern terminus possibly moved (see above)
Mar 1989 - Truncated at Bowral
May 1996 - Realigned between Robertson & Glenquarry via the Illawarra Highway and Sheepwash Rd

Collins St southbound approaching Terralong St. This is where SR80 used to terminate, at the old alignment of the Princes Hwy. Post Kiama Bypass, the route seems to be rather confused as to where it terminates. This sign suggests that SR80 terminates further to the east but where? Feb 2006.
This time looking east on Terralong St. Again, the sign says SR80 goes straight ahead. But where to? There are no more mentions of SR80 if you head further along the old Princes Hwy alignment. Confusing! Dec 2004.
Northbound on Princes Hwy (Kiama Bypass) approaching Spring Creek Drive, Kiama. Feb 2006.
An original Kiama Bypass sign showing the original traffic arrangements for accessing SR80. Since then, the right turn into Spring Creek Drive has been closed and so traffic wishing to access SR80 has to go through the centre of Kiama. Nov 2003.
Jamberoo Rd heading east approaching Spring Creek Drive - access road to Princes Hwy northbound. Dec 2004.
The first RD sign westbound on SR80. Dec 2004.
Heading west towards Jamberoo. Dec 2004.
The right-turn in Jamberoo township. Dec 2004.
Approaching Jamberoo Mtn Rd northbound. Dec 2004.
Jamberoo Rd southbound approaching SR80. Dec 2004.
Looking south towards Jamberoo township. Note the unsual brown RD sign. Dec 2004.
Sign assembly heading west on Jamberoo Mountain Rd. Dec 2004.
Looking west towards Jamberoo Mtn. Dec 2004.
Heading east on Jamberoo Mtn Rd from Illawarra Hwy. Dec 2004.
Jamberoo Mountain Rd northbound approaching Illawarra Highway. This is the beginning of the State Route 80/National Route 48 duplex - but where is the State Route 80 shield? There's plenty more of this to come. Dec 2004.
AD sign westbound on Illawrra Highway approaching Jamberoo Mtn Rd. Is that a SR80 shield I see?!?! One of the rare signs that actually acknowledge the SR80/NR48 duplex. Dec 2004.
Distance sign on Illawarra Highway heading west from Jamberoo Mtn Rd. Note there is no State Route 80 shield on this sign either. Sep 2006.
Illawarra Highway looking west between Jamberoo Mtn Rd and Robertson. Sep 2006.
Distance sign on Illawatta Highway, heading east from Robertson. Note that despite this being a SR80/NR48 duplex, there is no SR80 shield and no focal points pertaining to the SR80 route - e.g. Jamberoo and/or Kiama. Sep 2006.
Illawarra Highway looking west through Robertson, approaching Meryla Street. Note that Tourist Drive 8 is included on this sign but not State Route 80! Sep 2006.
ID signs facing northbound traffic at the intersection of Illawarra Highwya & Meryla St, Robertson, showing TD8 shields but no SR80 shields! Dec 2004.
AD sign eastbound on Illawarra Highway approaching Meryla St in Robertson. Note again no SR80 shield and also note the unusually conspicuous rivets holding the sign to its support. Very unusual. Sep 2006.
ID signs facing southbound traffic at the Illawarra Hwy & Caalong St (former SR80) junction in Robertson. Again note plentiful Tourist Drive signs but no mention of SR80 or its focal points. This intersection was formerly where NR48 and SR80 split, however the duplex was extended with the relocation of State Route 80 in 1996. Dec 2004.
Distance sign on Illawarra Highway, heading west from Robertson. Again note no mention of State Route 80 or its focal point (Bowral). Sep 2006.
Distance sign on Illawarra Highway, heading east from Pearsons Lane. Again no mention of SR80 - but you are probably used to this by now. Dec 2004.
Distance sign on Illawarra Highway, heading west from Pearsons Lane. Dec 2004.
Illawarra Highway, looking east about 1km west of Pearsons Lane. To the left is a section of old pavement which carried highway traffic prior to the realignment through the cutting up ahead. Sep 2006.
A closer look at the old pavement, now cut off by the three-lane highway in a cutting. Sep 2006.
Fingerboard at the intersection of Illawarra Highway with McGraths Rd, which leads to Burrawang. Unusual that this sign is even missing the NR48 shield! Sep 2006.
Illawarra Highway, looking west from McGraths Road with a very dry-looking Wingecaribee Reservoir in the distance. Sep 2006.
Illawarra Highway, looking east at Burrawang. Sep 2006.
Fingerboard sign with A48 route marker at the intersection of Illawarra Highway & Church St, Burrawang. This is a fair indication that State Route 80 will be decommissioned when alpha-numeric route markers are introduced. Sep 2006.
Distance sign heading west along Illawarra Highway from Church St, Burrawang. This sign was recently replaced by this sign, which was photographed by Richard Wardle in Feb 2007. Dec 2004.
Illawarra Highway, looking east between Wilsons Lane and Wilsons Road. Sep 2006.
Illawarra Highway westbound approaching the junction with Sheepwash Rd at Calwalla. This is the western end of the SR80/NR48 duplex and the State Route 80 shields magically begin to appear on signs again. March 2005.
Distance sign on Illawarra Highway away heading east from Sheepwash Rd. March 2005.
Sheepwash Rd southbound approaching Illawarra Highway at Calwalla. Note that State Route 80 has disappeared again - good luck trying to follow SR80 towards Robertson. March 2005.
ID sign assembly facing southbound traffic at the intersection of Illawarra Hwy & Sheepwash Rd. Note that the SR80 shield *is* included in this sign! March 2005.
But alas, the sign facing northbound traffic - located on the back of the above sign - has no State Route 80 shield! March 2005.
Heading north along Sheepwash Rd from Illawarra Highway. From here on there is constant SR80 signage, thank god. Mar 2005.
Antiquated wooden sign for the Wingecaribee River. Mar 2005.
Sign assembly at the Kangaloon Rd/Sheepwash Rd junction. Mar 2005.
AD sign westbound on Kangaloon Rd approaching Old South Rd & Eridge Park Dr, on the eastern outskirts of Bowral. March 2005.
Signage indicating the end of SR80 at Bowral. July 2006.
Eastbound on SR79 approaching the start of SR80 in Bowral. Mar 2005.
Southbound on Bong Bong Street (former SR79) approaching the start of SR80 in Bowral. July 2006.


Former alignment: Glenquarry to Robertson
Original 1974 RD sign eastbound on Kangaloon Rd at Glenquarry. Mar 2005.
Another 1974 original, this time coverplated, at Kirklands Road in East Kangaloon. Mar 2005.
Looking west along Kangaloon Road. Mar 2005.
Kangaloon Rd heading north from Robertson. Mar 2005.


Former Alignment: Bowral to (old) Hume Highway near Berrima
Kirkham Rd, looking south alongside the railway line in Bowral. July 2006.
Centennial Rd, looking west between Old Hume Highway and Bowral. July 2006.
Fingerboard sign on Old Hume Highway at Centennial Rd, still showing SR80. This is a 1974 original. July 2004.

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