Former Alignment: New England Hwy, NSW

Remnant NR15 shield on sign dating from 1967 at the Liddell/Bayswater Power Stations interchange, west of Singleton. Nov 2004.

From its introduction in 1955 till the proclamation of the New England Highway as part of the National Highway system in November 1974, National Route 15 traversed the length of the New England Highway in New South Wales. While the NR15 shield became obsolete in November 1974, it took the Department of Main Roads until 1983 to replace all the shields/signs in the Hunter Region. Today, there are only two remnants of National Route 15, both located at the same interchange midway between Singleton and Muswellbrook.

Some National Route 15 shields popped up on the Maitland Bypass in the late 1980s but they were errors rather than legitimate shields and thus will not be covered on this page.

Remnant NR15 ID sign at the Power Station interchange. Nov 2004.

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