Metroad 9
Windsor - Penrith - Campbelltown

The Northern Road looking south from the Richmond Rd/Blacktown Rd junction at Berkshire Park. Aug 2005.

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Length: 61km

Northern Terminus: Bridge St & Macquarie St, Windsor

Southern Terminus: Hume Hwy & Narellan Rd, Kenny Hill (Campbelltown)

Route taken: Macquarie St, George St, The Northern Rd, Richmond Rd, Parker St, The Northern Rd, Camden Valley Way, Narellan Rd

Focal Points: Windsor, Penrith, Campbelltown

RTA Internal Classification: Main Road No. 184 (Macquarie St, Windsor, north of Richmond Rd), Main Road No. 154 (Windsor to Narellan), Main Road No. 620 (Camden Valley Way), Main Road No. 178 (Narellan Rd)

Metroad 9 is a recent addition to the Metroad system (1998) and is the outer-most ring in the circumferential route system. While much of the route is still semi-rural it carries and increasing amount of traffic as an important link between the centres of Windsor, Penrith and Narellan/Campbelltown. Most of the route is still two-lane undivided although four lane sections have been constructed through the Penrith urban area, between Narellan and Campbelltown and at Windsor. Metroad 9 replaced State Route 69 between Windsor and Campbelltown, thus splitting SR69 in half.

An early change to alignment of Main Road No. 154 at Windsor came in 1943 when Macquarie Street was preferred to George Street, providing additional clearance for vehicles beneath the Richmond railway line.

Major improvements to the route include the widening of Parker Street to four lanes (1980s), the completion of dual carriageways on Narellan Rd (June 1987) and the extension of the four-laning north to Andrews Road (1999) in preparation for the Olympic Games. Narellan Road, between the Hume Hwy and Camden Bypass, was actually proclaimed a National Highway, albeit an interim alignment, in November 1974. This designation was repealed upon opening of the Kenny Hill-Yanderra section of the F5 South Western Freeway (now Hume Hwy) in 1981.

Construction should begin soon on a direct link between Narellan Rd and The Northern Rd to eliminate the Narellan dog-leg. The RTA has programmed completion for 2006.

Bridge St (SR69) southwest-bound approaching the beginning of Metroad 9 (Macquarie St), Windsor. May 2005.
Bridge St northwest-bound approaching the beginning of Metroad 9 at Windsor. May 2005.
This sign, northbound on Macquarie St, marks the northern terminus of Metroad 9. May 2005.
Macquarie St southbound approaching Richmond Rd, Windsor. May 2005.
Macquarie St northbound approaching Richmond Rd, Windsor. May 2005.
Macquarie St looking south in South Windsor. May 2005.
George St southbound approaching the SR61 junction at Londonderry. May 2005.
George St looking north from SR61. May 2005.
Blacktown Rd south-east bound approaching the Metroad 9 junction. May 2005.
Northbound distance sign from Londonderry Rd/Cranebrook Rd junction at Cranebrook. Aug 2005.
Londonderry Rd southbound approaching the Metroad 9 junction. Aug 2005.
Distance sign heading south from Londonderry. Oct 2005.
The Northern Rd looking north between Andrews Rd and Borrowdale Way at Cranebrook. Note the wide road reservation on the left. Aug 2005.
Southbound AD sign for Andrews Road. Oct 2005.
Andrews Rd eastbound approaching Metroad 9 at Cranebrook. Aug 2005.
Southbound AD sign approaching Gt Western Hwy. Aug 2005.
Gt Western Hwy eastbound approaching Metroad 9 (Parker St) at Penrith. July 2004.
Distance sign southbound from Great Western Highway at Penrith. July 2004.
Looking north along Parker St in South Penrith. July 2004.

Distance sign heading north from the M4 Motorway at Orchard Hills. May 2004.

Southbound AD sign for the Metroad 4 junction at Orchard Hills. Oct 2005.
AD sign on the M4 westbound approaching Metroad 9. May 2004.
Eastbound ID sign for The Northern Rd interchange, showing coverplates over SR69 and Penrith (East). May 2004.
Eastbound AD sign for Metroad 9 on the Western Mwy. May 2004.
Heading south from the M4 junction at Orchard Hills. July 2004.
Looking south at Littlefields Road, Mulgoa. July 2004.
Looking south near Elizabeth Drive. July 2004.
Distance sign southbound in Luddenham. Better photos of this area coming in the future. July 2004.
Looking south from Badgerys Creek Rd into Bringelly. July 2004.
AD sign on Bringelly Rd approaching Metroad 9 at Bringelly. Signs on Metroad 9 fit into 3 generations: Those that remain unchanged from the SR69 days (i.e. no shield), those with coverplates over SR69 or those with coverplates over A9. This one is a 2nd generation sign. July 2004.
Looking south near Oran Park. July 2004.
A westerly view of the reservation for a direct connection between Narellan Rd and The Northern Rd at Narellan. Aug 2005.
Distance sign looking north from Narellan. Aug 2005.
AD sign southbound on Camden Valley Way approaching The Northern Rd. July 2004.
Camden Valley Way northbound approaching Narellan Rd. Aug 2005.
Narellan Rd westbound approaching Camden Valley Way. Aug 2005.
AD sign directing motorists to the Hume Highway from the above intersection. Aug 2005.
Camden Valley Way southbound approaching Narellan Rd. Aug 2005.
Narellan Rd eastbound approaching Camden Bypass. Watch out for that knee in the tree :p March 2005.
Camden Bypass northbound approaching Narellan Rd. Dec 2005.
Narellan Rd westbound approaching Camden Bypass. March 2005.
Looking east along Narellan Rd to the Waterworth Drive roundabout, currently under reconstruction. July 2004.
Distance sign heading east from Mt Annan Drive. July 2004.
The first northbound distance sign, heading north from the Hume Hwy at Kenny Hill. July 2004.
Narellan Rd southbound approaching the Hume Hwy. July 2004.
Eastbound view of Metroad 9's southern terminus. July 2004.
Narellan Rd looking northwest at the Hume Highway overpass. July 2004.
Hume Hwy northbound at the Narellan Rd exit. March 2005.
Hume Hwy southbound approaching the Narellan Rd interchange. March 2005.
Approaching Metroad 9 from SR69 south. Note the incorrect SR69 shield. July 2004.

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