Section: Waung Wauk River to Bundacree Creek

Looking north approaching Bundacree Creek. Nov 2005.

This 5km section of the Pacific Highway was not part of the original route of the highway. The Government Gazette of 22 August 1952 made official a change in route of the Pacific Highway , routing it through Karuah, Bulahdelah and Nabiac, rather than via what is now Bucketts Way . The new route made use of existing roads where possible which would be upgraded to highway standard over the next eleven years. In this particular case, a road had been constructed between Bulahdelah and Nabiac via Wootton during 1940 as unemployment relief. At the time of gazettal as part of the Pacific Highway , the road was nothing more than a gravel-surface developmental road. The Department of Main Roads began sealing the road immediately and, fortunately, only minor improvements to the alignment were needed to bring it up to highway standard. Sealing of this section of the highway was completed in June 1957.

Planning for an upgrade of this section of the highway, as part of the larger Pacific Highway Upgrading Programme, began in October 1996 and construction commenced in August 1997. Work involved the construction of a new two-lane road on the western side of the existing highway to form a new northbound carriageway, but would incorporate existing bridge over the Wang Wauk River which had only been in use since December 1986. Two-way traffic was diverted onto the new northbound carriageway in May 1998 to allow for the rehabilitation of the existing highway which became the southbound carriageway. The project was opened to traffic on 10 December 1998.

Looking south along the southbound carriageway which was the original two-way highway. Nov 2005.
Looking north at Bundacree Creek, showing work underway on the Bundacree Creek-Possum Brush Upgrade which adjoins the Wang Wauk - Bundacree Creek section to the north. Nov 2005.
Looking north from Bundacree Creek showing conditions prior to the commencement of the Bundacree Creek-Possum Brush Upgrade. Aug 2004.
Looking south to Bundacree Creek showing traffic using a small section of the future northbound carriageway. Nov 2005.
Similar view - this time one month earlier, showing two-way traffic on the original highway carriageway. Oct 2005.
Looking south at Bundacree Creek showing dual carriageway conditions with wire rope median barrier prior to construction of the Bundacree Creek - Possum Brush Upgrade. Aug 2004.

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