Section: Swan Creek

Looking north along the Swan Creek deviation. Nov 2005.

This 1.5km, continuously reinforced cement concrete section of the Pacific Highway is known as the Swan Creek Deviation and was opened to traffic in June 1991. It is of dual carriageway standard for the most part, the exception being a short section of dual carriageway just to the southwest of Finlaysons Road .

The original alignment of the highway is today’s Finlaysons Road and Wyatt Straight. Both are still trafficable and the original 1930s cement concrete surface remains intact, however it seems the RTA has used the northernmost section of Wyatt Straight (which has no access to the highway) as a testing ground for various road paints.

As part of the Wells Crossing-Iluka upgrade project, this short deviation will again be bypassed. The westernmost route option would see the bypass rejoin the existing highway just east of Wyatt Straight, however it is likely that a more easterly option will be selected which would rejoin the existing highway further north. A decision on the preferred route is expected in December 2005.

Rural fingerboard signage at the southern end of the Swan Creek deviation. Finlaysons Road is the old alignment of the highway. Nov 2005.
Looking east along Finlaysons Rd. Note the original 1930s cement concrete pavement and the tight curve to remain on the old highway alignment. Nov 2005.
Looking north along Wyatt Straight towards where it would rejoin the current highway alignment. Someone has had some fun with the linemarking machine. Nov 2005.

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