Section: Hexham to Raymond Terrace

Looking north approaching Old Punt Road (former alignment of Pacific Hwy from 1928 to 1952). Aug 2004.

This 4km section of the Pacific Highway stretches between the Hexham Bridge across the Hunter River and the southern end of the Raymond Terrace Bypass at Masonite Road. It is entirely dual carriageway conditions but contains a 80km/h zone through the ribbon development town of Heatherbrae.

The Highway, as gazetted on 7 August 1928, ran along what is now Old Punt Road, crossing the Hunter River on a punt. In conjunction with the building of the first Hexham Bridge, which opened in December 1952, the current alignment was constructed as the northern approach. Following the duplication of the Hunter River crossing at Hexham in April 1987 the Highway was duplicated from Tomago Road to Masonite Road. This work was completed in January 1990.

In October 2004 the Roads and Traffic Authority announced a new project, part of the Pacific Highway Upgrade. This new planning study will identify the preferred route for a direct limited access connection between the F3 Freeway and the Raymond Terrace Bypass, involving a new Hunter River crossing in order to close and preserve the original Hexham Bridge. It is expected that a preferred route will be released by October 2006.

Distance sign heading south from Tomago Road. Oct 2004.
Old AD sign for Tomago Road. Thanks to Shayne Kerr for this 2000 pic.
Current AD sign for Tomago Rd. Note there is no SR122 shield and the Nelson Bay focal point has been moved to straight ahead. Note the incrorect NH1 shield aswell. Aug 2004.
Southbound AD sign for Tomago Rd, again without a SR122 shield or 'Nelson Bay' focal point. Note the incorrect NH1 shield, should be a NR shield. Aug 2004.
AD sign on Tomago Rd for Pacific Hwy. Again note the incorrect NH1 shield. Aug 2004.
RD sign heading north from Tomago Rd again with an incorrect National Highway shield. Aug 2004.
Distance sign heading south from Masonite Rd at Heatherbrae. Nov 2004.
Heading north through Heatherbrae approaching Masonite Road and the Raymond Terrace Bypass. Oct 2004.
Old Punt Road (Pacific Highway from 1928 until 1952) looking south towards the old punt landing at the Hunter River. Oct 2004.

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