The snake-like viaducts of the Western Distributor across Darling Harbour, shown prior to the construction of the Cross City Tunnel. (Vi Ong)

Length: 4km

Northern Terminus: Bradfield Hwy & Cahill Expressway, Millers Point

Western Terminus: Victoria Rd & The Crescent, White Bay (Rozelle)

Route Markers: Metroad 4 & State Route 40

RTA Internal Classification: Main Road 165

Opened to traffic:

2 September 1972 - Harbour Bridge to Day St (southbound lanes)
30 September 1972 - Harbour Bridge to Day St (northbound lanes)
December 1972 - Pyrmont Bridge to northbound Day St ramp
May 1980 - Westbound viaduct from Day St to Harris St
August 1981 - Eastbound viaduct from Pyrmont St to Day St
December 1987 - Westbound viaduct from Harris St to Pyrmont Bridge Rd
December 1987 - Eastbound viaduct from Miller St to Pyrmont St
October 1990 - Fig Street connection
December 1991 - Underpass at Victoria Rd/The Crescent intersection
December 1995 - Anzac Bridge

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