2006 Photos:

ID1,2,3,4 in the morning peak period (630am-930am). Jan 2006.

2004 Photos:

ID1,2,3,4 in the morning peak, April 2004

ID1,2,3,4 in offpeak times, April 2004

1994 Photos:

ID1 - AM peak

ID1 - offpeak. Note 'York St' appears on this sign and not the other.

ID3 & 3A

ID4 - AM peak. Offpeak version features 'NO ENTRY' sign.

1974 photos:

ID2,3,4 in offpeak times. Note the changeable signs allowing York St traffic to be directed to the far right off-ramp during the AM peak.

close up of AD4 (NO ENTRY sign from above pic) in the AM peak.