Historic Photos

Historic Map: 1968 Gregory's Street Map showing traffic arrangements for the newly opened Warrinagh Expressway. Thanks to Ben Johnson for this scan.

The Department of Main Roads prepared a promotional film to commemorate this very significant project. Two short excerpts from this film have been uploaded by the National Film & Sound Archive here and here. I highly recommend clip 2 for the fantastic signage shots.

Construction Photos
Looking north from alongside Arthur Street, North Sydney, showing construction underway on the bridge to carry Mount Street across the Warringah Freeway.
Source: Kevin Noble, October 1965.
1967 aerial view of construction, looking south from Ernest Street with earthworks substantially completed. (DMR)
Late 1967 view of the construction at the Pacific Hwy/Bradfield Hwy/High St junction in North Sydney. (DMR)
Aerial view of construction of the Warringah Freeway nearly completed, looking south from Ridge Street towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Taken in 1968. (DMR)
1974 view of construction underway on Stage 2 of the freeway, looking west from Miller Street and showing the temporary connection from Stage 1 to Chandos Street. (DMR)
Looking southeast from Willoughby Rd showing construction progress on Stage 2 in 1976. (DMR)
Stage 1 Post-Opening
Morning peak hour traffic the day after opening, looking south from High Street, 1968. (DMR)
Northely view of the interchange with Pacific Hwy and High St at North Sydney. 1974. (DMR)
Pre-metric BGSs at the Mount Street ramps, 1968. (DMR)
Looking south to Mount Street, 1968. (DMR)
More pre-metric BGSs at the Mount Street ramps, this time on the former reversible southbound carriageway. 1968. (DMR)
Great pre-metric BGS for the Falcon Street exit. 1968. (DMR)
Looking south from Ridge Street in 1968. (DMR)
Looking south from Ridge St again in 1968. (DMR)
Looking south from Ridge Street footbridge, 1974. (DMR)
Aerial view looking northwest over Ridge Street footbridge. 1971. (DMR)
The original version of Falcon St ID7,8 in 1968. (DMR)
Looking north from Ernest Street interchange in 1969. (NAASRA)
Erection of the massive sign gantry between Miller St and Ernest St. 1968. (DMR)
The original changeable meesage sign set-up with classic "Sydney via Bradfield Hwy" and "Sydney via Cahill Expressway" focal points. 1968. (DMR)
This, and the next three photos, show the changing of the sign messages in 1974. (DMR)
The sign assembly mid-change in 1974. (DMR)
And finally the completed change. 1974. (DMR)
1974 aerial view looking south from Ernest Street. (DMR)
Another southerly aerial view from Ernest Street in 1974. (DMR)
Old painted standard green ID signs at the Miller Street interchange that have since been removed. c.1990.
Newer ID sign at Miller St that has since been removed. Nov 1996.
Looking southeast over the newly-opened Stage 2 of the Warringah Freeway. 1978. (DMR)
Another aerial view over Stage 2, this time loloking directly east. 1978. (DMR)
The opening of Stage 2, complete with old school signage at Willoughby Rd. 1978. (DMR)
Gantry signage on the Willoughby Rd pedestrain overbridge, complete with F1 shield :-) 1978. (DMR)

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