WARRINGAH FREEWAY VIEWS (West St to Willoughby Rd)

West St:

looking east to Miller St in the morning peak (8am), April 2004

looking west to Brook St during the middle of the day, April 2004

Brook St:

looking north along Brook St to the freeway overpass, April 2004

looking south from Merrenburn Ave along Brook St, April 2004

Merrenburn Ave:

looking east, with the Willoughby Rd on ramp merging in the bottom left, April 2004

looking west as the Warringah Fwy becomes the Gore Hill Fwy with the Willoughby Rd ramps on either side of the cutting, April 2004

Willoughby Rd:

looking east from Willoughby Rd bridge as the Gore Hill Fwy becomes the Warringah Freeway, April 2004

looking west over the Gore Hill Fwy (left) and Willoughby Rd from the footbridge, April 2004