Ernest St:

looking north over the northbound carriageway, April 2004

looking north over the reversible carriageways, with the merge in the background. The white median in the bottom centre of picture shifts to allow southbound traffic to crossover to the left carriageway in the AM peak. Photo taken April 2004

looking north over southbound carriageway, April 2004

looking south over the reversible carriageways, April 2004. The E-only lane is for the Harbour Tunnel toll booths.

looking west along Ernest St into Crows Nest, April 2004

Miller Street:

looking east from the Miller St on-ramp as the freeway splits into 4 carriageways, April 2004. The middle 2 carriageways are reversible, the outside 2 are permanent.

looking west from the Miller Street bridge, with the exit lanes for Brook St in the foreground. Photo taken April 2004

looking south along Miller St towards North Sydney. Ernest St is in the background. Taken April 2004.