Looking north into the piggyback tunnel which forms the major part of the Eastern Distributor from Arthur St footbridge. April 2004.

Length: 4km

Northern Terminus: Cahill Expressway & Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo

Southern Terminus: Southern Cross Dr & South Dowling St, Kensington

Tolls Payable: $5.50 (cars) NORTHBOUND ONLY

Route Markers: Metroad 1

RTA Internal Classification: Freeway No. 6007

Opened to traffic: 19 December 1999

The Eastern Distributor is a tolled motorway, constructed in a tunnel and a trench to link the Cahill Expressway with Southern Cross Drive. It forms part of the Sydney Orbital motorway network and is a major through route from the southern side fo the Harbour to the CBD and the north shore. Prior to construction of the Eastern Distributor, traffic had to negotiate residential streets of Darlinghurst and Woolloomoloo to make their journey between Southern Cross Drive and Cahil Expressway.

The Eastern Distributor charges a $4.50 toll (one reason for the high toll is because it is charged in only one direction) for northbound traffic, whilst southbound traffic travels for free. This counterbalances the toll to cross the Harbour Bridge/Tunnel, which is for southbound vehicles only. It is possible to use the "parkway" section of the Eastern Distributor toll-free (providing you exit onto South Dowling Street south of Cleveland Street), but the Cleveland Street exit is closed during both the morning and afternoon peaks. Follow the links below the read all about the history of the Eastern Distributor and the view an interactive map.

History and Development of the Eastern Distributor
Interactive Map

Photos of the Eastern Distributor (additional photos can be viewed via the interactive map)
Looking south from the Eastern Distributor toll booths. April 2004.
Looking north to the toll booths in the midst of some heavy afternoon traffic. April 2004.
Crown St looking north from Oxford St. Prior to the construction of the Eastern Distributor this street carried four lanes of northbound traffic and upwards of 38,000 vehicles per day. April 2004.
Bourke St, looking north from Taylor Square - now just a quiet residential street. April 2004.
Looking south from the Arthur St footbridge, showing northbound onramp to the Eastern Distributor from South Dowling St. April 2004.
Looking north from the Parkham St footbridge. April 2004.
Looking south to the tunnel underneath Cleveland St/South Dowling St intersection. April 2004.
Looking south from near Crescent St, showing the road layout approaching the Dacey-Todman Tunnel. April 2004.
Looking north along Southern Cross Drive approaching the beginning of the Eastern Distributor. 2004.

Video - A southbound run through the Eastern Distributor tunnel
(taken 23 July 2012)

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