Former Alignment from Ourimbah Creek Rd to Kangy Angy

Looking north to Footes Rd, October 2004.

Lifespan: 1955-97 (42 years)

Length: 3.5km

Northern Terminus: Pacific Hwy & F3 Freeway intersection, Kangy Angy (intersection has now been removed)

Southern Terminus: F3 Freeway, Ourimbah Interchange

Route taken: Pacific Hwy

RTA Internal Classification: State Highway 10 (regional road)

Focal Points: Sydney & Newcastle, the traditional NH1 focal points. Now the section is signposted for 'Palmdale'.

Replaced by: State Route 83 (unsigned)

Route Overview:

This short 3.5km former alignment of National Highway is part of the Pacific Hwy which traverses the NSW coast from North Sydney to Brisbane. This section was given the National Route 1 shield in 1955 when NR1 was signposted from Brisbane to Adelaide. In March 1964, the southern terminus (now Ourimbah Interchange) was reconstructed to provide for the Calga-Ourimbah Expressway (State Highway 26) which served as a bypass of Gosford. During the early 1970's this short section of highway was reconstructed with dual carriageways between Burns Rd and Ourimbah Creek as part of the National Highway funding from the federal government. It was also at this time that the highway gained the green and gold shield and NH1 was routed via Peats Ridge.

In December 1983 the Kangy Angy-Doyalson section of the freeway opened and an at-grade intersection was constructed to serve the Pacific Hwy through Kangy Angy, as well as a large radius roundabout at the intersection with State Highway 26 (now Ourimbah Interchange). This roundabout was a notorious bottleneck in coming years despite northboudn traffic being able to bypass it. This intersection was later removed when the Ourimbah Creek Rd to Kangy Angy stage of the F3 opened to traffic in December 1997, bypassing the last section of non-freeway grade road between Sydney and Newcastle. The dual carriageways were retained between the Ourimbah Interchange and Palmdale Rd, and they were re-striped for a single lane in each direction.

Photos of the former alignment of National Highway 1 between Ourimbah Creek Rd & Kangy Angy
Horrible photo, taken of the southbound AD sign for the old Ourimbah roundabout during 1997.
Northbound RD sign from the old Ourimbah roundabout showing the NH1 shield. Taken 1997.
Northbound ID signs at the Ourimbah roundabout in 1997, showing advanced construction fo the Ourimbah interchange in the background.
Looking north during 1997 at Palmdale Rd. This intersection has been reconstructed as a roundabout and the dual carriageways have been removed north of here.
Looking south on the F3 showing the AD sign for the now removed Kangy Angy intersection with Pacific Hwy. This sign reassured travellers that Gosford/Sydney were straight ahead despite the end of freeway conditions. Photo taken December 2003.
Looking north on the old alignment showing restriped carriageways and a service station that has closed because it was bypassed. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking north just north of Palmdale Rd where the proximity of the bypass meant that the northboudn carriageway and bridg across Ourimbah Creek were removed. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking south across Ourimbah Creek, showing where the former northbound bridge has been removed and the former southboudn bridge now carries two-way traffic. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking south showing the close proximity of the bypass. Photo taken October 2004.
Southbound RD sign from the former Pacific Hwy, Kangy Angy intersection still showing NH1. Photo taken October 2004.
Looking south across Bangalow Creek showing the wide dual carriageways that once carried freeway and highway traffic for over 40 years. Photo taken October 2004.
ID sign at Palmdale Rd showing the incorrect NH31 shield which should find its home on the Hume Hwy. This sign was installed barely a year before this section was bypassed. Photo taken October 2004.

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