Calga-Peats Ridge-Ourimbah


Taken from Main Roads, March 1964

An alternative route to the Pacific Highway between Calga and Ourimbah, north of the Hawkesbury River, was opened to traffic on Friday 24 January 1964 when construction of the last 3 miles of road at the Ourimbah end was completed.

The new route is 20 miles in length and improves considerably the movement of through traffic by allowing it to bypass the winding section of the Pacific Highway on each side of Mooney Creek and the closely settled areas from Gosford to Ourimbah. It also reduces the volume of traffic on the Pacific Highway between Calga and Gosford with advantages to members of the travelling public with destinations in Gosford, Woy Woy, Terrigal and other places in the area.

The route between Calga and Ourimbah reduces the travelling time by about 20min and provides improved travelling because of its superior alignment.

Between Calga and Peat’s Ridge Rd an existing road 9 miles long was reconstructed to provide a wider carriageway, easy curves and good visibility.

An entirely new road between Peat’s Ridge and Ourimbah was built to expressway standards. The carriageway provides two 12 feet lanes with wide shoulders, and there are no intersecting roads, all cross roads being carried over or under the new road.

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